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The Method To Increase The Corrugated Paper Box Bearing Pressure And Compressive Strength


No matter how the process that produce Color Box is, the Corrugated Paper Box bearing pressure and compressive strength are much lower than the ordinary watermarked carton of the same material (cardboard line production). When the customer urgently needs, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the box, so how to solve the problem?

We look for ways to solve the problem from the following factors:

1.Paper matching

Some companies have such a misunderstanding: the greater the weight of paper used, the more it can increase the pressure and compressive strength of the carton, but the fact is not. In order to enhance the bearing pressure and compressive strength of the color box, it is necessary to enhance the pressure bearing capacity of the core paper. Using the low-weight paper as much as possible if the trace of surface of the corrugated paper is not visible; the core paper and the corrugated paper are preferably using the wood pulp paper with good strength and high ring pressure. Do not use medium-strength, or general strength paper,as it has fast water absorption, low ring pressure strength, good toughness but low stiffness. By testing, the water absorption rate of the medium-strength corrugated paper is 15%-30% higher than the pulp paper by using the method of measuring the water absorption rate; the gram weight of paper can be appropriately increased. Practice has proved that reducing the weight of paper inside, increasing the weight of corrugated paper and core paper, it will have larger advantages no matter in quality or price.

2. The quality of the glue

Most of the carton production used is homemade or purchased corn starch glue. The high-quality corn glue not only has good bonding strength, but also can enhance the bearing pressure and strength of the cardboard, and the casing is not easily deformed. The advantages and disadvantages of corn starch glue are closely related to the production process, environment, quality of raw materials and mixing time.

If the quality of the corn starch does not meet the standard, the water ratio may be appropriately reduced. When the temperature rises, the water ratio should be reduced accordingly. Borax and caustic soda should be increased as appropriate, and hydrogen peroxide should be reduced. After the cooked rubber is made, it should not be put for a long time, especially in summer, it is best to use it instantly. With 3%-4% formaldehyde, 0.1% glycerin and boric acid in the glue, it can increase the water blocking capacity of the paper, speed up the bonding speed, and strengthen the cardboard hardness.

In addition, an environment-friendly chemical glue ---- PVA adhesive, can also be used in the cardboard. It can make the corrugated cardboard flat, straight, and well bonded, and it would not deformed for a long time.

3. The amount of glue

Whether it is manual or automatic mechanical affixing, the amount of glue should not be too large. In actual production, some employees want to increase the amount of glue to avoid degumming, it is not advisable, the amount of glue must be controlled strictly. The amount of glue applied should preferably be 80-110 g/m2, it depends on the size of the corrugated, it is advisable to control the amount of the glue evenly.

4. The quality of single-sided cardboard

The quality of single-sided corrugated board depends on the quality of the base paper, the corrugated type, the working temperature of the corrugating machine, the quality of the adhesive, the speed of the machine, and the skill level of the operator.

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