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Corrugated Paper Box Crack Control

In the actual corrugated box use, some customers require that the flap should be folded 180° outward, and there should be no cracks in the paper. To achieve the point when making the box, achieve the important technical quality indicators, something need to be controlled as follows:

1. Quality control of the base paper:
To choose a good quality paper, the grade of the paper should be above C grade, and the paper will not crack after testing and the folding resistance is good. In addition, the core paper should also use the high-strength corrugated base paper. As much as possible to avoid using the low-grade corrugated base paper, because this kind of corrugated paper may break the surface paper during the analysis of the shake cover.

2. Moisture content control of base paper and paperboard:
Paper and paperboard are too dry, which is the important cause of cracking of the flap. The national standard GB3023-91 and GB13024-91 stipulate that the moisture content of corrugated base paper and boxboard paper is about 8%-10%. It needs to appropriately control according to the quality of the paper and the condition of the equipment. When the grade of the paper is high, the moisture can be lower; when the grade is low, the moisture can be higher. The moisture content of corrugated board is 14% according to the national standard GB6544-86, which should be the moisture content when the board is off the machine. The moisture content of corrugated board has a direct relationship with the moisture content of the base paper. At the same time, it can be appropriately controlled by the amount of heating (vapor pressure) of the double-sided paper and the speed of the vehicle.

3. Indentation control of the shake cover polyline:
Firstly, the indentation must be pressed completely, which mean is to press until without a gap. For example, the thickness of the five-layer cardboard indentation is generally about 2 mm, not only the top end of the cam is to be pressed completely, but also the two sides are pressed completely. In this way, when the flap is folded outward, outside of the fold line formed a plane, and no crack is generated.

4. Shake:
After the cardboard is off the machine , manually folding the flap to each side one or two times (folding to the bottom) can greatly improve the folding resistance of the flap, so that the carton flap could not be cracked for a long time.
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